Email: DAVINIA@daviniapalmer.com  Phone: 310 889 4579

NEWS: Happy New Year! Excited to be producing more voice-overs for my clients out of my studio in sunny California!

"Davinia has a unique voice that is characterised by a youthful, sassy attitude and tone, but that also has a range that can extend from 'bubble-gum enthusiasm' to streetwise and cool."
Francis Currie, Heart Brand Programme Director.

"Her unique delivery is in high demand by some of the UK's largest broadcasters.... Her work at bringing broadcast material a unique sound and perspective is exceptional." 
Andy Hollins, The Radio Organisation, Inc.

"Davinia made an immediate impact on the sound presentation of BBC Radio 1 when she became 'the voice of Radio 1' in 2002." 
Marc Farey, Station Sound Producer, BBC Radio One.

"Davinia's voice was head and shoulders above the UK-based competition, perfectly encapsulating the youthfulness and vitality of the NOW brand." 
Jeremy Mark, Editor, Heat Magazine.

"Davinia Palmer has been instrumental in distinguishing our station's identity amongst a highly competitive market."
Mitch Todd, Senior Director of Production, Sirius XM Radio inc.

"Davinia has an infectious an unique personality that is ideally suited to the radio medium." 
Dirk Anthony, Group Programme Director, GCAP Media plc.

"There are few people who can maintain great sales, whilst entertaining a national audience." 
Andy Hodgson, Head of Presentation, Sit-up channels.


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